i really love watching tv series or shows. most of the time, i spend watching series on the internet aka online streaming 😛 i got two reasons why i’m watching them online: 1st, i don’t have time to watch it on tv because the program doesn’t fit to my plans xD and second, some series aren’t here in austria 😛  here they aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare:

  • How I Met Your Mother
    is a comedy series! barney stinson and ted mosby are my favourite characters because they are funnnnny :))
  • Glee
    a comedy/music series! i like it because they sing current songs and place is taken on a highschool
  • Harper’s Island
    a horror series! it’s very exciting and pulsating! i watched it for a short time
  • Private Practice
    a drama series about a young doctors
  • Big Bang Theory
    a comedy about 4 geeks and 1 blond girl
  • Heroes
    a science-fiction series about their different  power.
  • 2 and a half Man
    a comedy about 2 single men and a young boy

yeah i know, u noticed that i love comedies. i THINK they are very entertaining and you can’t get bored ya know? 😉


Über glennlouis

18, filipino, Salzburg
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2 Antworten zu TV-Series

  1. Tom schreibt:

    Thanks a lot for this post, I didn’t know that. I’m impressed. I’m adding your blog to my RSS reader right now. You’re okay.

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