0h it’s Glenn

heyho! let’s go! x) ok first of all, i’m glenn louise p. I’m 18 years of age and live in hallein, salzburg in austria right now. NOPE, not australia, it’s austria. A small country between germany & italy ;D

this boy on the left side is filipino. his parents are from the visayas 🙂 he got one brotha and two little sweet sista’s. and hell yeah! glenn is the eldest ;D“

i really love hangin out with my friends and partying at the weekend. Right now, i’m visiting the 4th year of the Commercial College for Business Administration in Hallein :D. btw, Hallein is a small town, it’s about 15 km away from Salzburg.

i like being funny, because laughing is the best medicine for being healthy. Im a really chill guy and I love to always have some wild fun. I do things how I want them, and I don’t give a shit what you think about it. that’s what it is. i think i wrote everything that u should know about me. but don’t worry … the more blog i post, the more you know me.

yo, bye glenn

2 Antworten zu 0h it’s Glenn

  1. dncemti schreibt:

    xD best part „NOPE, not australia, it’s austria.“
    nice introduction, keep up (!!!)

  2. booya schreibt:

    Hey its Peter Chao ;D

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